Jul 24
he was referring to hunting with lead.


Gotta be responsible if we’re going to be taken seriously.

Is there something irresponsible with light armor piercing ammo?


In 4 days I will be moving to a completely new city with a completely different culture starting my collegiate endeavor, as well as becoming a grown man I guess you could say. Saying I’m excited would definitely be an understatement.


bikefreak asked:
oh fun i love this state

said no one ever about CA


one hand on the steering wheel, the other on her inner thigh

The dream

Jul 23


I’m lost n drunk alone downtown send help

I would have picked u up

Jul 22

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So can we just talk about the fact the students today were robbed at gun point in my school’s study building, and I still have to argue with ignorant people about gun control.

Wow they were robbed at gun point in an area where guns are illegal. It’s…

Jul 21

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Jul 19


98% of the time

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This is a real thing

This is a real thing

Bulgarian AK, best AK?

Jul 18
mintiscream asked:
What's your career goal after college?

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